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Cheek & Scott is proud to be a locally owned and operated Pharmacy and Medical Equipment provider; serving Suwannee County, Columbia County, Hamilton County, and the surrounding areas.


“Just wanted to say thanks to all of you at Cheek and Scott for what you do for the community. Until my son recently had a fundraiser, I never noticed how much yall help the youth in the community by allowing them to use your location. Seems like every other weekend you allow fundraising on your property! Thanks!” -Tim M.

Here is our calendar of Community Events:
(Organizations, Groups, and Events hosted at Cheek & Scott facilities and grounds are not necessarily endorsed by the staff, management, or owners of Cheek & Scott Drugs, Inc.)

If You or your Organization would like to arrange for an event Monday-through-Saturday (we’re closed on Sundays) to be held at Cheek & Scott’s store or South Oaks parking lot, please let us know!


Groups or Organization seeking sponsorship support, may apply here.


A few guidelines to remember:
* HOURS: All events must begin and end during normal store hours.

* CALENDAR: Make sure your event is on our Community Calendar, and check there to see other events and times / availabilities.

* TRASH: Please provide your own trash bins. Do not use our dumpster, nor the trashcan at the front of the store. All trash made during your event must be carried off and disposed of by your crew.

* WATER: We can provide a single hose tap for water (example: car washes), but PLEASE DO NOT WASTE the water (example: letting a hose just run on the ground). You will need to provide your own hoses, extensions, and auto-shut off attachments (ex: spray nozzle). The faucet is by the back door. Make sure you turn it OFF completely when finished. If you are cooking: The water we provide is for hoses and should not be considered potable. Please do not clean your used cookware on-site (we can’t have grease left in the parking lot).

* ELECTRICITY: Bringing your own generator is preferable. However, there is a single outlet available at the front (outside) of the store. You will need to provide your own extension cords. Maximum load on this service should not exceed 8-Amps total (960 watts) or you will trip the breaker (and have no power!).

* BATHROOMS: Bathrooms are inside the store, towards the back. We welcome you to come in and say “hi”!

* CLEAN-UP: Please clean up your area when you wrap up your event and leave it as it was originally, or better.

* CONDUCT: As our guests here, please be kind and courteous to everyone you meet. Visitors to your event are our customers or potential customers; and we treat everyone like family here at Cheek & Scott! Children should remain with you at all times. For their safety; keep children away from vehicles and travel lanes.

* LOCATION: Your event should be generally contained within the Purple shaded area on the map below.

* PARKING: Parking of your vehicles should be done in the Yellow shaded areas on the map below. Please leave the front and side parking areas around our building (Green shaded area) open for Cheek & Scott customers and your customers to have easy access. Do not block normal traffic flow.