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Jasper  386-638-0101   •   Lake City  386-754-5377    •   Live Oak  386-362-2591

COVID Testing and Vaccine Info

COVID Vaccine Update


Covid Vaccines are here and in all 3 locations! We have the Moderna (2 shots, 28 days apart) vaccine in Like Oak and Lake City. And we have the Johnson-&-Johnson (single shot) vaccine in Jasper. To sign up for this, use the links above and we will call you to schedule your immunization.

COVID Rapid Testing


We are now offering Rapid Testing for COVID to help with the increase in demand for travel and healthcare requirements (please ensure a rapid antigen test is accepted by the institution requiring you to test) as well as those who feel ill or had an exposure to someone with COVID. 


Here are some of the advantages to the testing we do here at Cheek and Scott:


  • We provide evidence of the test and the result in about 15 minutes
  • Requires a less invasive nasal swab rather than the deep nasopharyngeal swab
  • 100% contactless method for sign up and payment
  • We have a designated area for testing, away from normal store traffic, to protect others and make the process convenient for you
  • Available Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm


Here is the process for testing:


  • Fill out online form at or click on button below to sign up and pay.
  • In Live Oak: Park in one of the designated COVID testing parking spaces located at the back (westside) of the store.
  • Once you arrive (in Live Oak), Call or TEXT 386-219-8488 to let us know you are here. In Lake City or Jasper, just pull thru our DriveThru and let us know!.
  • We will come right out to your vehicle for specimen collection and perform the test
  • You can leave and wait for a call for your results, or wait and get the results in person.
  • It is that simple!!


COVID Test walk-through with Jeff.